Okay, quick joke. Every time I try to say femininity I feel as if I sound like Nemo trying to say "anemones" (lol), cracks me up every time.
Story time.
So last Wednesday I finally decided to go grocery shopping and while I was walking down the aisle I see this couple, I gathered he was athletic by the workout clothes he was wearing, she was the opposite but it didn't take away from how gorgeous she was. I thought what they had was cute just like any other couple I see. I ignored it and continued to shop. Another guy who was roughly just as built as her boyfriend follows up behind me, clearly seeing what I chose to ignore, and whispered to me "Doesn't stuff like this bother you?", I'm looking at the canned goods thinking "I know right! I hate how they stack these cans!" while I nod in agreement, he says "Why be with someone that's just going to bring you down. Us bros need to stick together. I'm gonna say something". I am soooo confused at this point. I'm thinking this overly friendly guy is going to go complain to the manager about these stacked cans and before I can even get my words out to stop what I thought were idiotic actions I see him walk over to the couple and makes the rudest (is that a word?) remark ever! He goes.."Is the food really that good?" as he BODY CHECKS this guy's girlfriend! The other guy smirks clearly clueless to what this other guy is talking about but little does he know us women catch I'd be lying if I said I wasn't as angry as this woman after I got done being shocked. She looks back at this guy and goes "Excuse me?" and of course he's ignorant enough to repeat himself and also add "How do you live with yourself knowing your man works to look good for you and he gets nothing in return...physically".
I'm going to stop the story right there.
Mentally raise your hand if you're a girl and you are tired of being told how to act, how to look, and what to do just to get a guys attention.
Guys mentally raise your hand if you're tired of being told them same thing.
Shockingly, this starts off when you're a kid. We are all victims of telling little girls to wear dresses to church or making funny faces when a little boy picks out a Barbie. We were also told as kids to not sit a certain way if you're a girl or to not cry if you're a boy.
This is basically an epidemic that desperately needs a cure.
Its honestly grinding my gears (grandma slang activated) that so many kids are holding back from being there true selves because they grow up in this society.
Media is no help whatsoever.
Strong jawline, bombshell blondes, makeup commercial only featuring women, truck commercials on featuring men, etc..
Time to be realistic.
Time for a change.


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