He Is Risen

Yeah I'm sure you can guess what this is about.
The one and the only Jesus Christ.
I grew up Baptist but that is NOT what today's talk is about. I grew up in churches that were predominately African American so I got almost 3 hours of hype music, amazing soul food, and some  good ol' Jesus. I loved it.
I never knew there were churches that had live bands because that was all I knew. I went to visit Arizona and we looked around for churches until we found one and it had a live band! I don't know what it was about this church but everything felt real and not scripted. 
I fell in love.
I felt connected with Christ.
A few months ago I realized that there was a church similar to that one and it was right across the street from me! I finally had the time to go and it was today. Easter Sunday.
As soon as we walked in I think I must've said "Good morning. Happy Easter" a million times, that how friendly everyone was. Not to mention the amazing sermon.
If you are going to a church and you don't feel moved by the sermon or the music. You have the wrong church.
Long story short that church was amazing.
Now about God.
You may skip this blog if this does not interest you. But ya'll...can I just start by saying God is good? I haven't been the best at conversing with God when I should have been, staying connected, or staying in church. A few months ago I realized holy crap what have I been doing with my life? I am not handling it the way I should be. I need to put my life back into the hands of the person that gave us all life. God. I kept trying to play 'Queen' in my life then wanting God to take over when I couldn't handle it. When I should've just left it to him considering he knows my past, present, and future. He knows what I'm going to do before I even do it!  I was stopping God from doing his job. Thankfully he forgave me and I know I took advantage of that way more than I should have and I am so grateful that he never stopped blessing me and he will never stop blessing YOU. 
Don't give up on him because he hasn't and will never give up on you.
Don't only live for him behind closed doors when he died for you publicly. He hears you EVERYWHERE.
Don't just say you're a Christian, live like it!


  1. I love this write! Thank you, so many people need to hear about Christ's unending love.


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