Government vs. We the People

WARNING: I may not know a lot about politics but I know right from wrong (my momma taught me).
I can not be the only one who is pissed off with the way our leader(s) or leaders in general are handling things in their country. I may not watch the news every day but I know that violence feels like is rapidly engulfing most countries.
One thing that has been bothering me lately is gun violence.
MY OPINION (everyone is entitled to their's):
I don't think that the government should take away anyone guns, unless, of course you're a bad guy/girl and you are using it for the wrong reasons i.e killing people, theft, or anything that will probably result in prison. While I am on this gun topic I would also like to mention what else is bothering me...why the hell are we not doing mental examinations on people who are registering for their gun license?! It is WAY too easy to get your gun license these day. Not most but most of the shootings that end up on the news all over the worlds ex. school shootings and mass shootings have been from people who have license and a clean criminal record BUT they have been proven to have  mental issues! I understand that people can get guns of the corner of the street these day and that's a problem the government can not fix and I also understand that the government is "in debt" but are we not still spending money? The real question is why are we not spending money on things that can actually help and protect people! I'll tell you why, because the government is selfish! We the People can not continue to rely on rich people who sit in there mansions all day to fix our REAL WORLD problems. They don't have to worry every day about randomly getting shot by a crazed person walking the street. Oh nonono, they only HEAR about stuff like that. These people are considered to be our leaders yet they "help" us when they feel like it mainly on things that aren't going to make much of a difference.
I live in the United States of America, land of the "free", yet I am terrified of sitting in cafeteria because I think someone might walk in with a gun. I am terrified of walking around the city because someone might "snap" and feel like killing random people. Mostly, I am terrified because we have people with the most power doing NOTHING. 
If we are the best country and everyone is coming here to have freedom than why aren't we fixing problems that take our freedom away? I am not saying the we aren't a great country because I know that some countries have it far worse than us but I do know with what is going on, we are no better. 
No one should have to have a title, loads of money, or popularity in order for their voice to be heard. There are more people in this country than the people who have running our government and yet we chose you guys to protect us. Military puts their lives on the line to do the best they can but what about the people with power in our legislative, judicial, and executive branches? I'm not saying that you guys aren't doing anything because I am sure that you are, all I'm saying is that more and better things could get done.
We all need to unite and actually listen to people's every day problems and make this country (my home) a better place because I am tired of not knowing all over what is going on in my country, seeing violence, and being afraid. Decisions should not only be made by higher people but they should be made by citizens. We should be able to have a say in the country in which we live in.


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