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Forgiving Your Damaged Roots

Looking back at my past I've realized that most problems really come when you are child, growing up. We don't realize it because obviously at that time the last thing I am worried about is the big "WHY?" and how I felt, I just got over it. Now that I am older I start to really pinpoint things, learn, and understand why things are happening. Another thing I have grown to realize is that everyone gets affected in a different way solely because everyone has a different point of view from the same story. Now I'm not going to go on and on about my childhood because all though it wasn't as perfect to me, the person reading this has probably been through way worse so for once...I will not be complaining. (BOOO! right?) This is about to get reeeeal godly, so if ya ain't religious !SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH! but if you are a curious kitten like me, read it. These are the things one mustn't regret doing. Moving on.. So I haven't been going to church, talking to God,…

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