Confessions of a One-nighter.

I think I have the mentality of a hoe.
Hear me out.
I actually don't think I mind having a friend with benefits or a one-night stand. Actually I think it is way better than being in an actual relationship.
Think about it.
Sure, relationships are nice or whatever because there's cuddling, gifts, free food, and most of all you actually like the person who's giving it to you but also with downfalls to relationships. You have to deal with arguments, money loss, and feelings (ugh) that could potentially get hurt because no everyone's faithful and/or not everyone's "the one".
Relationships are dreadful. Or what Amy Schumer said, "Monogamy isn't realistic"
Once again this is my opinion and I honestly would rather not spend my life downloading match-making apps, blind dating, or waiting for the one to come along. I atleast want to have fun while I do it.
One-night stands, no strings attach, friends with benefits is soo much easier. Come on who's with me?
No hassle. No expectations. Just good ol' sex.
Maybe romance movies and exes ruined love for me. Maybe I am completely insane. But I would rather not cook for two when I hardly ever feel like cooking for myself. I don't want to have to remember someone else's birthday or wear matching bra and panties just for a special day with my "man". Oh and dude...I hate cuddling. It gets way too hot, we are breathing on each other, I can't move. It's not ideal and definitely not like the movies. Just give me what we both enjoy and go about your day. Deal? Okay maybe it's just me.
I'm not a hoe, people. I just love my body enough to not only share it with one person...I'm not a hoe, people.
Okay sorry that this blog is short and lame but I had to let you guys know what's been on my mind.


  1. Didd you go through my journal because I could have written this word for word. Falling into feelings and having to deal with the aftermath of finding out that the man you believed you would spend the rest of your life with is nothing like the person he made you believe he was has made me feel EXACTLY the same way. Fuck relationships just give me sex and something to smile about and I'm good to go. Hoe mentality or not...just sometimes it's just gotta be about you and what's good for your soul (and your lady bits)!

  2. Can we be friends?


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