13 Reasons Why Not

Am I the only one who's completely shocked about how fast this generation is running to suicide? 
I'm not going to rant on and on about how suicide is not the answer because you know that, everyone knows that. 
We are a world that strives on quick fixes. Sadly, suicide is one. 
Instead of giving you reasons on why you should, I'd rather give you reasons on why you shouldn't...without the bible verses and google searched "feel good" quotes. 
I do not know your life, what you go through, how certain things make you feel but I strongly believe I relate to maybe a QUARTER of what you're going through. 
I'm going to just let you have it. 
Suicide is stupid. Suicide is painful. Suicide is selfish. 
Once again, my opinion. Honestly, I'd rather binge on food and Netflix than spend hours planning my "grand escape" from life.
Popular ways on how to leave the shitty world you were born into: slitting your wrist in a bubble bath, hanging from a rope using your neck, experimenting with mom's pills. 
Maybe it is just me but that shit is time consuming and frankly, I totally forget about the people who make my life a living hell by simply thinking about the stuff I would have to go through so that I wont have to deal with them. They. Are. Not. Worth. It.
I don't want to be the prude that says "find a hobby" but dude..dudette, come on, find a hobby.
Shit sucks, trust me I know. Depression is a thing.
Do you really want to off yourself without knowing what spelunking is? or finding out that escargot is actually a food?! 
Basically what I'm trying to say is what you are going through is temporary. Everything is temporary. It'll get better. It probably wont. But then again it probably will. 
Shit takes time. Be patient. 


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